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Professional Cattery Specializing in Silver and Golden Persians Cats
Thank you for visiting BooKats Cattery. BooKats is located in Central Florida. We are a top of the line professionally run Persian cattery with over a decade of experience in producing beautiful Persian cats.  Here you will find some of the most beautiful Persian kittens online resulting from selective breeding from Champion and Grand Champion pedigrees.

               No other breed will ever capture your heart like a Persian cat.  Presently the colors we are working with are Silver, Golden, Calico and White Persians.  Our breeders have tested negative for FIV    and FeLV.  BooKats is a ringworm, mite, flea and parasite free environment.  We are also a PKD1 aware cattery. This means that the parents or grandparents have been DNA negative tested.
The kittens and their mom are confined to nursery quarters for the first few weeks and are handled and loved from the day they are born.  Bathing and brushing begins at about 6 weeks.  All kittens are vet checked and receive their age appropriate shots before being placed in their "fur-ever homes".
BooKats Cattery exceeds all standards as established by the Department of Agriculture.  This means that you are buying a Persian kitten from a cat breeder who is meeting both health and cleanliness requirements.  In addition it means that all kittens are examined by a certified vet before leaving for your home assuring you of a healthy kitten.  You will receive a Florida Health Certificate.  You will also receive our personal written Health Guarantee.  This means you will be guaranteed both by my vet as well as myself that you are receiving a healthy, happy, superior kitten.
If you are not located in the Sunshine State, please contact me regarding taking possession of your kitten. 

BooKats is a CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) registered cattery.

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